Are you planning a big DIY project? Then spare a thought for the renovators at Buckingham Palace, doing a 10-year renovation project to bring the palace décor into the 21st century.

Why does Buckingham Palace need renovating?

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Buckingham Palace is over 300 years old, and although it’s been maintained over the years, some aspects of the building are now seriously out-of-date and need a major upgrade. The project will cost around $464,000,000 and run from 2018 to 2027! Most of the royals living there will be moved out to Kensington Palace. However, as the Queen’s bedroom and other private rooms won’t be done until 2025, she and Prince Philip will stay in place until then. So what exactly are the renovators planning to do? Let’s take a look!

Build temporary accommodation on the grounds


As well as royal residents, the palace is home to 37 staff members, with many more working in the offices during the day. So preparation for the renovations includes building temporary housing and office accommodation for 125 people outside the main building. For another peek inside, here are 12 rare photos inside Buckingham Palace.

Remove and store thousands of artifacts

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There are more than 3,000 artifacts from the Royal Collection in the East wing alone. Some of these are literally priceless and include 40 chandeliers, 100 mirrors, dozens of china pieces (including a seven-tiered porcelain pagoda). This is just a fraction of the whole Royal Collection, which totals 7,000 paintings, 30,000 watercolors, 500,000 prints, and thousands of other artifacts spread over 13 royal residences. All these items from the East Wing need to be removed from the rooms and packed up safely. Around 150 items are being taken to display at Brighton Pavilion, the seaside home of George IV, but most need to be stored. The renovators will be taking great care to pack everything carefully to avoid accidental damage. Furniture will need to be moved too—maybe the team should follow our top tips for moving heavy furniture!