It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but would you recognize what Christmas looked like a century ago?

Christmas with the family was a formal affair

Old Christmas photoHistoria/Shutterstock

Today, yoga pants and flannel pajamas are perfectly acceptable for Christmas Day-wear. Back in 1912, by contrast, when “The Hope of the House” was drawn by the artist, J.M. Balliol Salmon, it was far more typical for a family to dress up in their finest clothing on Christmas. Even the baby is wearing party shoes! These are the 20 best-ever Christmas songs, ranked.


A little Christmas humor

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It’s a tale as old as time: grownups intercepting the toys their kids have been given as gifts. Back in 1912, the toys in question, as depicted in “Little Willie’s Toys – A Christmas Morning Tragedy,” include a wooden building set, a toy car, and a rag doll. If J.H. Thorp, the artist, were around to draw this scene today, it would, no doubt, include Legos and computer games. Cozy up with your crew to watch one of these 20 best-ever Christmas movies.


How little kids awaited Christmas

Children playing on christmasHistoria/Shutterstock

In the 1880s, which is what this painting depicts, a young girl impatiently awaits the arrival of Christmas. While that certainly happens today, what kids are consulting today isn’t the analog face of a grandfather clock but rather the NORAD Official Santa Tracker via smartphone or tablet.