For the tennis legend and clothing designer, life is one big workout. “Most people get up, take a shower, and go to work,” Williams says. “I get up and go sweat.” After hitting the court for practice, she does cardio and strengthening exercises. The full-body routine is a daily must. “When I’m not working out, I feel weird,” she says, “like I’m cheating.”

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Even her free time is productive. During “off” hours she creates pieces for her activewear line, EleVen, which features fashion-forward silhouettes made with comfortable, breathable fabrics. “I do a lot of drawing and sketching,” she says. “If I have time, I’ll watch a movie. That to me is luxurious.”

But don’t expect her to slow down anytime soon because, as Williams says, “pressure is a privilege.” Below, check out the mood-boosting moves that keep her on track.

Dress The Part

“There is something really magical about all white,” Williams says of the outfit she wore at Wimbledon this summer. “It looks amazing on all skin tones.” But her latest collection for EleVen “has bright colors to keep you motivated during winter.”

EleVen by Venus Williams tank ($62) and skirt ($73); available November 27th on


Stay Secure

“[In tennis] you have 20 seconds between points. You do not have time to adjust your hair. I definitely triple up on ponytail holders.”

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Train Your Gaze

To combat dry eyes, Williams keeps these lubricating drops in her tennis bag. And she never hits the court without applying eyeliner: “It’s part of my business suit.”


Take The Plunge

Williams says she recently had an “amazing experience” in Iceland at the Blue Lagoon’s Retreat Spa, which offers in-water massages as you float in hot springs.

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Snack Smart

Even during busy days and long flights, Williams sticks to her “mostly vegan” diet, packing healthy treats like kale chips and grapes.

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Binge-Worthy Show

Binge-Worthy Show

This Is Us.


Hotel Hot Spot

Hotel Hot Spot

Le Meurice in Paris.”

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Ultimate Getaway

Ultimate Getaway


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