We’re a cleaning-obsessed, germaphobic society but could we be cleaning things too much? Do we really need to throw everything into the hamper after one wearing? What about our car, furniture, or even our hands?

The mirror


We all want to look good when we look at ourselves in the mirror. “However, if you use half of your cleaning solution for only one or two small fingerprints on your mirror, you are overdoing it,” says Harriet Jones of Go Cleaners London. “Moisture from humidity or over-spraying can get behind the mirror and harm the backing. So, clean your mirror when there are enough spots to justify the use of the detergent.” Here’s how often you should be cleaning everything in your house.

Kitchen towels


Jones says only to wash kitchen towels that experience the most usage around the house. “Before tossing your towel in the washer, check its condition,” she says. “If there is an unpleasant odor or you notice a stain, wash it. Otherwise leave it for few more days. This way you will cut down the washing a bit and save some time.” Don’t miss these tricks for cleaning your kitchen in basically five minutes.



When an accident happens, many people saturate the carpet with a cleaning solution, hoping for the best. But using too much cleanser too often, “can damage the carpet and will be almost impossible to wash and remove. Over time, this soapy residue will attract dirt and your efforts will be in vain. Instead, use less aggressive products—soap, water, and vinegar,” says Jones. “Remember—blot, do not soak up your carpet with the solution, and always dry it properly after the cleaning.” The same goes for throw and area rugs with rubber backings. Too many washes can cause the rubber to flake off and ruin the entire rug. You can also try these DIY carpet stain removers.