Not bringing your trash bins in from the street

plastic recycle binBusiness stock/Shutterstock

Trash day was Monday, but it’s Wednesday and your busy schedule has lead you past your trash bins on the street two days in a row for that restful seat on the couch inside your cozy home. While you may not care, your neighbors have to wake up to the eyesore on the street each morning, so just take the extra time and roll them in! Speaking of unsightly trash, here are 9 ways to disguise your trash bin.

Forgetting to close your garage door

Gray garage door that is closedDavid Papazian/Shutterstock

Neighbors are great for providing an extra set of eyes and ears aware of what’s going on in the neighborhood. But, the more times you leave your garage door wide the less your neighbors will notice if someone who’s not supposed to be there has it open and is hauling things away.  Find out 15 signs your home is vulnerable to being robbed.

Being too pushy

Man ringing the doorbell on the streetOSORIOartist/Shutterstock

Yes, saying hello when you pass your neighbor is generally expected, but stopping every time to catch up, or even knocking on their door regularly with a muffin they have to try or Girl Scout cookies they need to purchase to help your kid out, isn’t friendly—it’s pushy. Be kind, but let your neighbors have their space. Here are some signs you’re a good neighbor.