Although they’ve become the standard, flat screen TVs do require some care and attention, so we advise you to never do any of these things to your beloved TV.

Never mount a TV above a fireplace


A fireplace is an aesthetically pleasing and cozy centerpiece in any living space. The downfall? It may leave you with a conundrum: where oh where to put the TV? Let us help you: anywhere but above the fireplace! The fireplace can warm up your flat screen TV and consequently shorten its lifespan. Plus, if you use the fireplace, soot can get on and into your TV. And if that doesn’t convince you, then think about how uncomfortable it will be to have to look way up there when watching the big game. Instead of the TV above the fireplace, consider one of these unique TV installation ideas.

Never expect a home theater from a flat screen

FlatAlexei Korshunov/Shutterstock

Nothing is worse than turning on your TV, finding where you left off on your current Netflix obsession, and then cranking up the volume and craning your neck to hear the whispered dialogue. TVs have gotten thinner and sleeker and so have their speakers. At this point, nearly all speakers aren’t designed to produce excellent sound. Make your life infinitely better with an inexpensive solution: a sound bar. Ask your TV salesperson about this. Plus, learn the things TV salespeople won’t tell you.

Never clean with chemicals

wipeDaniel Jedzura/Shutterstock

If you’re someone who loves a spotless house and smudge-free screens, you may feel the need to take out your most dependable cleaner and give your flat screen TV a spritz and a quick wipe with a paper towel. Don’t do it! Harsh chemicals can damage the screen and paper towels and other abrasive materials can scratch it. Instead, follow the more traditional cleaning method:

  1. Turn off the TV.
  2. Wipe it down with a dry, clean rag or duster.
  3. If absolutely necessary, dampen your dry and clean rag with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar, and then clean the screen.