Shopping on Amazon is always fun, but getting free stuff is obviously even greater. We found all the best things you can get for free on Amazon without even trying very hard. You’re welcome!

Free beauty and nutrition samples

Perfume bottles on dressing tableNew Africa/Shutterstock

If you’re always looking for the next best cream, hair product, or protein bar, you’ll love knowing there’s an almost-secret club for Amazon Prime members who want to try out all the best new products for free. You can see more about how to score some of these through their Sample Box program. Ordering these sample boxes is only open to Prime members right now, and costs a few dollars up front, but once the box ships, you’re promptly refunded—making all the goodies free. Find out the Amazon products you’ll definitely use every day.


Loads of best-selling books are free for Kindle users


If you’re a total bookworm and already have an Amazon Kindle, you’ll be pleased to know countless titles are free. You can check out the current list of Kindle freebies here, and find endless happiness knowing the list is constantly updated and growing. Here are 16 more amazing Amazon Prime benefits you might not know about.

Get $10 free for using Amazon Cash

Amazon gift cardA.Sontaya/Shutterstock

If you sign up for Amazon Cash, which is a pretty similar concept to Apple Pay, the pre-loaded shopping helper on your phone, you’ll get $10 free—just for joining. You can sign up here, and start using the system immediately at additional stores like 7-11, CVS, Winn Dixie, and other major chains. Don’t worry, there are no fees, and it’s as easy as using your phone.