Salt-stained shoes, drinking hot coffee instead of cold brew, and misplaced gloves are a few of the many reasons that I hate winter. But, what I despise more than the season itself is that the transition from fall to winter always triggers my eczema

I usually get flare-ups on my legs (particularly my thighs) on the form of red, raw, scaly patches. Many people endearingly refer to their eczema rashes as “alligator skin” and really, there’s no better way to describe what my skin looks like. These patches aesthetically aren’t great, but more importantly, the dry, cold hair makes them unbearably itchy. 

Anyone who has eczema knows that scratching it is the worst thing you can possibly do because it can make the rash worse. Even though what sets off eczema flare-ups varies from person to person, the skin issue tends to run in families. While my eczema is seasonal, my sister struggled with it year round growing up. My mom used to put clean socks on her hands before bed to keep her from scratching her rashes in her sleep. 

Instead, through a lot of trial and error, I’ve landed on a handful of products that I rely on when winter is coming, and my eczema is flaring up like crazy.  

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