He eats out of your hand (literally)

woman is feeding cat, cat eats from hands of girlAnna Volgina/Shutterstock

If a cat is famished—or very spoiled—he might have no problem snarfing food from any old human. But, usually, cats won’t take food from a human’s hand unless it is someone they trust very much. “Cats are instinctively wary, so they don’t take treats easily from strangers’ hands, unlike many dogs,” Dr. Matthew Goetz, medical director at the Arizona Animal Welfare League, told RD.com. “If you can feed them snacks or food from your hand, it’s a sure sign they trust you.” Find out some signs your dog trusts you, too.

He brings you spoils

Cat and mouseAndrey Stratilatov/Shutterstock

Even if you don’t have a cat, you’ve probably heard about cats bringing their owners little “presents” in the form of dead (or worse, decapitated) backyard critters. But, while you might view them as “presents” only sarcastically, your cat doesn’t! For them, their prey represents triumph, survival, and their instinctual nature as wild hunters. Wild cats would catch food for their young, so your cat’s “gift” of his latest catch just means he considers you family. “If your cat brings you a dead mouse or bird, think twice before reacting negatively,” says Parker. “Your cat is trying to show you that he trusts you enough to share such a vital part of his survival.”

She gives you a “thumbs up” with her tail

funny young cat with green eyes in white roomfiphoto/Shutterstock

Cats—and dogs, for that matter—can send all sorts of different messages with just their tails. In fact, it’s one of the primary facets of feline body language. “A cat’s tail is a good barometer of their mood,” says Rotman. One simple way to know if your cat trusts you is if her tail stands straight up, especially when she sees you or walks toward you. Some cat experts consider it to be a “thumbs up” in cat lingo. If the tail quivers slightly, it’s even more indication that the cat has positive feelings toward you. “If the tail is quivering a little, that probably means you’re her favorite human and she’s really glad to see you!” Rotman adds. Next, find out which breeds of cats tend to be friendliest and most loving.