You see spyware loaded onto your office computer

14 Signs That Your Boss Is Spying On YouShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock

Spyware, including key-stroke and screenshot trackers, can provide your boss with a (disturbingly) granular look at what you’re doing on your office computer. Here’s how you might be able to discern if it’s been installed on your computer, according to Forbes:

  • PC: Hit “Alt-Ctrl-Del” to pull up “Task Manager,” and click on “Processes.”
  • Mac: Go to your “Utilities” folder and open the “Activity Monitor” app.

Look through the history for potential spyware such as VNC, RealVNC, TightVNC, UltraVNC, LogMeIn, Shadow, Silent Watch, and GoToMyPC—just know that this isn’t even close to an exhaustive list.

Your computer’s camera light is on

14 Signs That Your Boss Is Spying On YouSergey Nemirovsky/Shutterstock

Resumeperk warns that software that allows switching on your camera remotely does exist, and it would allow people like your boss to see what you doing at that very moment. Look out for these 18 signs you have a terrible boss.

Your boss seems to know a lot about you

14 Signs That Your Boss Is Spying On YouGaudiLab/Shutterstock

“Good weekend?” your boss asks you on Monday morning, and you think nothing of it. But what if your boss asks how the beach was? You could have been overheard talking to a coworker, or you now know that you’re being watched. Check out these 15 things you should never say to your boss.