Some terms are considered too improper to be spoken by royalty. In her book “Watching the English”, social anthropologist Kate Fox explains which words are banned from the royal family’s vocabulary and the surprising reasons why.



FYI, we’re talking about the meal, not the soothing, healthy drink. In many parts of the United Kingdom, the evening meal that takes place between 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. is called tea. However, this term is typically associated with the working class. Members of upper social classes, including the royal family, call this meal dinner or supper.



The royals don’t watch their portion sizes to lose weight. Instead, they watch their helping sizes, using another upper-class term. Check out these bizarre eating habits of the royal family. 



If and when (we can be optimistic!) you get the honor of meeting anyone in the royal family, you’ll want to act on your most polite behavior, excusing yourself when necessary. But whatever you do, don’t say “pardon.” We may think it’s formal, but apparently, it’s like a curse word to the royals. Instead, say “sorry” or “sorry, what?”