Start small

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“If you spend lots of money to get started, you are that much closer to failure. If you can do it really lean, your risk is much lower.” —Mic Heynekamp, Socorro Springs Restaurant & Brewery: Socorro, New Mexico, and Eddyline Restaurant & Brewery: Buena Vista, Colorado.

Don’t share too much

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“Fifty/fifty partnerships don’t work. Own more than 50 percent of your business so you always have the final say.” —Chester Kroeger, Fudpucker’s Beachside Bar & Grill: Destin, Florida.

Get support

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“Do what you’re good at and find others to fill your gaps. Interdependence, rather than independence, is incredibly freeing.” —Joe Johnston, Joe’s Real BBQ, Liberty Market, and Joe’s Farm Grill: Gilbert, Arizona.