Looking fresh as a daisy

Diana Princess Of Wales Oct-dec 1993Glenn Copus / Evening Standard /Shutterstock

This photo of the late Princess of Wales from 1993 shows her looking as fresh as that bouquet of flowers. Next to her is Jenny Bianco, Lord Mayor of Westminster. Here, they were photographed at Centrepoint, an organization that provides housing for homeless youth in England and throughout the United Kingdom.

An intimate chat with the “People’s Princess”

Diana Princess Of Wales May - Aug 1992Glenn Copus / Evening Standard /Shutterstock

Just a few years before her tragic accident, Princess Diana visited Sylvia Killick, the only woman resident at the time at the London Lighthouse, a center for people with AIDS. Stop falling for these 12 “facts” about Princess Diana that just aren’t true.

Sailing the ocean blue

Princess Of Wales In Argentina - Nov 1995Mike Forster / Daily Mail /Shutterstock

Despite the safety features of those bright orange life vests, the Princess of Wales would rather not have the vests clash with her powder blue suit jacket. Even when traveling by sea she looks stunning!