Just in time for this year’s Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection drop, Kylie Jenner has made another dramatic hair change. She’s switched up her golden blonde Barbie hair that she’s had since August for a brighter, icier color. 

Jenner shared a sneak peak of her new look last night on her Instagram Stories. In addition to the lighter color, it looks like she got a dramatic cut, too. Jenner now has a bob — the trendiest haircut of 2018. It’s not quite as short as the pixie wig she wore last month to channel her mom Kris’s signature Boss Cut, but it’s a drastically different length than her recent long styles.

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Jenner has yet to reveal what the final product looks like once it’s blow-dried and styled, but one thing’s for sure: don’t expect her to stick to this look for long. Just this week, she teased that “she’s almost ready for her dark hair” in the caption of an Instagram #TBT post: 

Plus, Jenner has a closet full of wigs that helps her change her hair whenever she feels like it. Chances are she’s trying out platinum before going back to her dark chocolate brown color. After all it’s a lot easier (and less damaging for your hair) to achieve an icy blonde shade when you’re starting with a blonde base. 

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It’s only a matter of time before Jenner changes her hair again, but considering that her holiday collection has a palette in it called “Chill Baby,” we respect that her icy blonde hair is on-theme, too.