Say goodbye to Fido

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While 68 percent of American households have pets, they aren’t always a favorable factor when it comes to selling your home. “I understand the rationale behind having a cute dog pose in your backyard,” says Dana Bull, a realtor in Boston. “The truth is, many of the thousands of people seeing your listing may not find your dog cute. On top of that, they may worry about the damage your pet has done to the house.” If you want to know how to sell a house fast, it is important to remove your pet and pet’s items, like dishes, beds, and litter boxes from sight for photos and showings.

Make your house smell good


Whether potential buyers realize it or not, they are evaluating your home with all of their senses. Not only are they examining the look of your space, but they are judging the smell too. “Shampoo carpets to remove any stains and pet orders,” recommends Sheryl English, a realtor at Blackjack Realty Group. “A lovely scented candle of vanilla, cinnamon, apple, or lavender is inviting without being obvious or overpowering.” Don’t miss the 22 secrets your real estate agent isn’t telling you.

Light the way

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It may not seem like it, but lighting is a bigger part of how to sell a house fast than you might think. Walking into a house that is clean, airy, and with a lot of natural light flowing through gives the impression of a happy home. “Light is a major asset for most buyers,” agrees Brian LeBow, a national real estate coach and sales manager for Coldwell Banker Dynasty. He suggests staging your home to accentuate the positive and to “add lighting where appropriate and open the clean windows.”