Consider behind-the-scenes constraints

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The reality is that as much as you deserve a promotion, sometimes it passes by for reasons you can’t control. Unfortunately, as Rabinowitz points out, “behind-the-scenes” reasons aren’t always disclosed. For example, your company may be experiencing financial constraints that are not in the best interest of the company to share with you or other people at your level. But as long as you’re engaging in honest self-assessment and communicating openly with your boss, you’re on track to sussing out the situation.

Remember that you are the ultimate boss of you

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Rabinowitz likes to remind her clients, “You’re the boss of you.” She’s not contradicting everything she’s previously said, but rather, she’s pointing out that you have the power to make decisions about your career and ask for opportunities that your gut tells you will lead to fulfillment. And pursuing fulfillment on the job can lead to improved performance and an increased likelihood of promotion.

Ask for additional work

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This goes hand in hand with pursuing job fulfillment. Asking for more work, especially when your colleagues are trying to duck out for one reason or another, can open doors for you, points out Rabinowitz. For one thing, it can impress your manager. What’s more, you might learn something you wouldn’t have learned had you not sought out the additional work. Here are 15 more resolutions that will help you land that promotion.