“Excuse me, I’m currently too busy burning effigies…” These vacation replies are definitely not business as usual!

Who does this guy think he is—Ryan Reynolds?!

ryan reynoldsrd.com

Is this a real out-of-office reply straight from the “Hollywood A-hole” himself? Well, Ryan Reynolds does own a large stake in Aviation Gin (the bottles even come engraved with his signature) and his sense of humor is legendary. Either way, we’ll take an email from Ryan Reynolds any day, even if it is an automatic one. Don’t miss these email mistakes that will make you squirm.

When your jilted boss writes your final out-of-office reply

jilted bossrd.com

This person took a job to make more money (not an abnormal reason to switch jobs!) but their boss apparently felt quite upset—upset enough to write this glorious little piece of fictional dialog! This is a pretty clear-cut case but if you’re unsure how your manager really feels about you, check out the 16 signs your boss hates you and what to do about it.

Just headed off to the musical chairs world championships

musical chairsrd.com

The best out-of-office replies are short and to the point but this one adds an extra layer of awesome by allowing you to wonder if a worldwide musical chairs championship really exists and if so, what it would look like. Helmets? Photo-finishes of butts? Do you still win a sticker?