Grab your eyeglasses

Magnet glasses holdervia

Put an end to the search for your eyeglasses, readers, or sunglasses by hanging them from your shirt using a magnetic holder. The ReadeREST Magnetic Glasses Holder uses super-strong magnets to stay in place even when you bend down. No more dropped glasses, scratched lenses, or endless searching for a pair of readers.

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Tiny towels

Wipe biodegradable towelsvia

You can take these compressed Wysi Wipe Biodegradable Towels anywhere because they are tiny, that is until you add water. Once wet they expand into a reusable towel; softer than a paper towel, sturdier than a napkin, and unlike pre-moistened towelette they’re chemical-free. Leave a few in the car to clean-up bigger messes, like coffee spills on the seat. Then toss a few in your handbag to clean your hands after a BBQ dinner or for other unexpected needs.

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