Whether you have one, want one, or wish they’d all disappear, the mo is making a comeback! We uncovered a few of its hairy little secrets from an expert.

You can call them almost anything

Young mustached man pointing towards the cameraSFIO CRACHO/Shutterstock

There are numerous slang terms for the mustache. Most reflect its tendency to retain food and drink or its association with sex:

-Bristle batons
-Cookie duster
-Crumb catcher
-Grass grin
-Lip shadow
-Mr. Tickles
-Tea strainer
-Upper lipholstery

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They’re practically magnetic

Close up portrait of grinning old-fashioned trendy elegant wealthy professional flirty trendsetter hipster grandpa sharp dressed with maroon bow-tie twisting white mustache isolated on grey backgroundRoman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

The average man with a mo touches it 760 times a day.

The bigger the ‘stache, the higher the pay

Roll of One Hundred Dollars bill on a wooden table. Cash Money American Dollars. Close-up view of stack of US dollars.Konstantin Egorychev/Shutterstock

Policemen in large Indian cities are sometimes paid a bonus if they grow a mo, considered a symbol of virility and power.