From heartbreaking to heartwarming, these rescue dog transformations are undeniably the most affirming images you will see today.


SherlockCourtesy Richard McSweeney

Sherlock is a cattle dog that was only 11 months old when his owner surrendered him to the Scituate Animal Shelter. The owner said he didn’t have time for him and that no matter what he fed the grossly underweight dog, he never gained weight. After the shelter performed extensive medicals tests that turned up nothing, and Sherlock actually gained multiple pounds in just a few days, it was clear to the shelter he had been starved. Sherlock attended puppy classes and other activities to socialize him. Within six weeks, he was adopted and lives with a loving family with other pets.


MunchkinCourtesy Richard McSweeney

Munchkin was one of five filthy dogs removed from an animal hoarding situation. Her hair was so badly matted from a lack of grooming that her hind legs had atrophied and couldn’t move fully. After she was rescued, Munchkin had physical therapy to help her regain the use of her hind legs. She was adopted by a volunteer who works at Scituate Animal Shelter and is now a beloved ambassador for the shelter. Here’s what you need to know before adopting a rescue dog.


RoxyCourtesy Kalee Dillard

Roxy was dubbed too “frou-frou” for the farm she lived at, so her owner dropped her off at a shelter. She was matted with leaves and dirt and an itchy skin condition that caused a lot of scratching. There, a newlywed couple adopted her and were pleasantly surprised at just how much joy and happiness her sweet disposition has brought them. They consider her their first child and adore her sweet cuddles and playful attitude.