You’ve been watching and singing along with these movies for as long as you can remember. Now, put your Disney trivia knowledge to the true test.

Question #1:

Sleeping BeautyCassie Urban/, Shutterstock

In Disney’s 1959 film, Sleeping Beauty, Aurora is betrothed to a prince shortly after she is born. This same prince rescues her when she falls into a deep sleep. Who is he?

A: Prince Philip

Sleeping BeautyMoviestore/Shutterstock

King Stephen, Aurora’s father, and King Hubert, Philip’s father, agree that the two should marry when they come of age. Maybe it wasn’t the most considerate move for their children, but it all worked out in the end. Check out even more surprising facts about Disney’s most famous characters.

Question #2:

CinderellaCassie Urban/, Shutterstock

Everyone knows that Cinderella lost a glass slipper as she left the ball at midnight. But did it fall off her right foot or left foot?