Special announcement: All. Everlane. Jeans. Are. $50. Today.

In case you’re somehow among the Everlane uninitiated, let us introduce you to your favorite new denim brand.

The company, founded in 2010, has become somewhat of an internet darling over the years with its products often selling out within hours of launching. In 2017, the company delighted women the world over with its denim line launch. At the time, its Japanese denim sold out quickly and amassed a 45,000 person waitlist. Why would so many people wait for these jeans? Because they are so damn perfect. Period.

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The company’s stretch denim looks amazing on literally every body type and a pair is comfortable enough to wear all day long—the jeans are even comfortable enough to travel in.

Not sure of where to start on your Everlane journey? Here are three pairs on sale right now that you should consider adding to your cart ASAP (although each customer is limited to buying two pairs). The sale ends at 11:58 pm EST tonight.

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