Sure, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have had their ups and downs — calling off their engagement in 2013 after a hot and heavy courtship — but in the world of Hollywood relationships, that just makes it all the more real, right? After a few years of growing up, the two found each other again and reignited the flame on the down low. Flash forward to 2017 and the couple never looked more in love, proudly sharing kissy-kissy photos and adorable selfies on Instagram.

In the months that followed, the pair continued to share Instagram photos of each other and also step out at swanky events like the Oscars. But in July, rumors started circulating that their love flame has died down after Cyrus first wiped her Instagram and new reports speculated that they called off an upcoming wedding. A few months later, Cyrus finally made her return … with tons of broken heart videos. Yikes. Who knows what’s really going down behind closed doors, but one thing’s for sure: these two have always been picture-perfect. Check out their cutest couple moments. 

Caution: sickeningly cute photos ahead.